Bosch 2608584101 HSS-Bimetal Hole Saw 19mm


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Bosch 2608584101 HSS-Bimetal Hole Saw 19mm

The 2608584101 Hole Saw from Bosch has a 19mm diameter and a working length of 44mm, offering smooth, efficient cutting through a variety of materials including wood, metal and PVC. It glides through the material with ease, creating smooth cuts thanks to its Vario tooth strip configuration. The bi-metal HSS construction contains 8% cobalt alloy for long-lasting cutting performance.


  • Smooth cutting through various materials such as wood, aluminium and PVC
  • The tooth configuration (Vario tooth strip) is ideal for gliding through the material to provide smooth cuts
  • Made of bi-metal HSS (high-speed steel) containing 8% cobalt alloy for less risk of tooth breakage and higher heat resistance for long-lasting cutting
  • Fits all standard adapters on the market - suitable with Arbour


  • Diameter: 19mm/ 3/4"
  • Working length: 44mm